Who is Christ? — St Cyril of Jerusalem

About 350 AD, Saint Cyril of Jerusalem describes Jesus Christ:

This is He who is and He who was, Consubstantial with the Father, Only-begotten, Only-enthroned, Equal in power, Almighty, Without beginning, Uncreated, Unchangeable, Indescribable, Invisible, Inexpressible, Incomprehensible, Immense, Unthinkable, Uncircumscribed. He is the brightness of the glory of the Father (Heb. 1:3). He is the Creator of the substance of all created things – the Light, of light – shines from the bosom of the Father. He is the God of gods (Ps. 49:1), and God, of God, who gives us the knowledge of Himself. He is the Fountain of life (Ps. 35:10), flowing forth from the Father’s fountain of life …This is He who created us in the image of God, and has now made Himself man in our image; man, but at the same time God.

— Quoted in the Prolog, by St Nikolai Velimirovich, for March 19

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