Raise the Dome!

Raise the Dome

St. John of Shanghai and San Francisco Orthodox Church has been serving the Tri-Cities for six years. We have worked hard to renovate and beautify our space in Kennewick, and our community has grown significantly within this short time. St. John’s provides a spiritual home for the Orthodox Christians of Tri-Cities and outreach to the greater community.

Our land gets very strong wind in the winter and spring, so much so that our current composite roof is damaged each season and needs to be replaced.

In order to do the job right, we need to replace the composite roof with a sheet metal one that will withstand the strong wind. And while we are replacing the roof, we have decided to take full advantage this opportunity and cap it off with a beautiful dome.

One of the most iconic characteristics of Orthodox churches are their domes. Since the early church, we have built domes to point us heavenward, symbolically uniting the Church here on earth with the Church in paradise. Domes are the lighthouses of the Orthodox faith, leading us home.

Our building is currently not visible from the road. Many locals are surprised to learn of an Orthodox Church hidden beyond the storage units on Jackrabbit Lane. A dome on St. John’s will be our way of letting the Tri-Cities know we are here, and where to find us.

We are encouraged by the enthusiasm and support our surrounding community has shown towards the dome project. To our new friends, we hope that you will join us on this exciting new chapter in our parish life!

Every dollar and share counts. Please donate what you can, and share with your family and friends.

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